Training and Education

Summer@LSTS 2020

Introduction to Marine Robotics with applications to ocean observation, underwater archeology and ecosystems mapping



Video sessions

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CMRE Lecture Series

Underwater Communications for Maritime Unmanned Systems   PDF    

by Roberto Petroccia


Webinar on Robotics and Control (RoboCon)

organized by NIT,Silchar, India, July 2020

Cooperative Marine Robotic Systems  PPT1     PPT2  

by António Pascoal (IST-ID)




Breaking the Surface 2020

2020 Lectures

Hybrid acoustic-optical underwater communication networks for next-generation cooperative systems PDF    

by Roberto Petroccia(CMRE) and António Pascoal (IST-ID)


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2020 Video Sessions

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Breaking the Surface 2019

2019 Lectures