Exemplum - Autonomous DNA-sampling in deep water

Access/Technology provider: Norwegian University of Science and Technology – NTNU, NTNU-SF30K and R/V Gunnerus

End User: Biodentify (Delft NL ) and iDROP (Oslo NO)

Dates: March 22-26, 2021


  • The proof of technology for predicting hydrocarbon presence using sea bottom samples as a general objective
  • Operational evolution going from a protected shallow water test scenario towards a more realistic open water scenario
  • The test of low power transducer for environmental measurements on the ocean bottom and in the vertical water column.

The focus of the first phase of trials was on initial diving tests of Oceanid vehicles. Diving tests evaluated the vehicle watertightness and behavior of the vehicle during the close-to-surface phase of diving.
During the second phase Sonardyne acoustic system was deployed to 500 meters depth and left for three days for data collection. The installation was performed from Research Vessel Gunnerus and supported by the ROV SF 30K. At the end of TNA the system was recovered, and data verified.
During the third phase, experiments with Oceanid vehicles were performed from the R/V Gunnerus and supported by ROV. Different deployment and recovery options were tested as well as quality of descend.