EvoLoon - Long Term Underwater Networking in Extreme Conditions

Access/Technology provider: NATO STO, T-LOON


End User: Evologics GmbH, Germany [Industry]

Dates: 01.01.2020 to 31.08.2021

Goals: This TNA aims at evaluating the performance of underwater acoustic networking methods implemented as part of a EvoLogics modem’s software in shallow water and in different scenarios provided by the NATO STO T-LOON testbed.

Multiple experiments, exploring different scenarios, were conducted to investigate robustness of data exchange among network nodes (data transfer between any source and any recipient of the network) and study it in complicated (or even extreme) conditions of a shallow water channel. Strict interaction between the applicant and NATO STO personnel was ensured to: 1) plan the new experimental activities; 2) coordinate the execution of the tasks; 3) verify the collected data; and 4) share the acquired data.
This project was led by EvoLogics (DEU). In conditions of shallow waters, the underwater acoustic communication channel was quite dynamic (signal strength of multipaths arrivals varying in the range of tens of decibels). The collected results provided the possibility to estimate mutual clock drifts between all pairs of hydro-acoustic modems involved in the tests. The receiver was able to synchronize itself to different multipath arrivals within the time interval of two neighboring data symbols. Averaging clock skews estimates over time enabled to rapidly increase the synchronization accuracy. Based on these results, further developments on an advanced synchronization process of the modems in a network can be developed in a short time. 


Publication in social media: press-release is in preparation. Experimental material has been processed. A conference paper is in preparation.