Deep-Spectrum -Hyperspectral imaging - Scientific payload integration and evaluation on hybrid ROV

Access/Technology provider: IFREMER, Harbour Trials and HROV Ariane


End User: ECOTONE, Norway [Industry]

Dates: 03-08-2019 to 07-08-2019

Goals: The Norwegian start-up company ECOTONE has developed a unique hyperspectral underwater camera. Hyperspectral images allow to record the reflectivity of the scene as a function of the optical wavelength. The resulting imaging data allows to gain information on the nature of the seafloor. For ocean science, this technique provides huge potential for automatic classification of substrates and biosphere of the sea-bottom environment.

This access was carried out in August 2019 on installation Harbor trials HROV/AUV available IFREMER’s RV L’Europe. It took place between 4th and 6th of August 2019. The ECOTONE camera has been successfully integrated on the Ariane HROV. Multiple acquisitions with different settings and environments have been carried out on a Mediterranean canyon between 200 and 500 meters’ depth. This enabled the evaluation of the potential of this technology for marine habitats characterization.