Trans-National Access Open Calls

Our proposal is to build a network of marine robotics RIs to help ensure that the EU remains a world-leader in ocean science and engineering, with a thriving maritime industry. The proposed RI will enable, expand and reduce risk of access to next-generation marine robotics technologies and operational expertise and will build confidence in end-users to accelerate the adoption of next-generation marine robotics for the marine sector as a whole.

To do so we will have a series of Trans-national access activities (TNA) with the focus of:

  • providing a coherent framework for stakeholders to gain access to both the “standard” and the “developing” capacities of the RI
  • providing access to appropriate levels of training and best-practices, to build sustainability by educating the next generation of practitioners
  • providing access to experimental activities proposed by external partners or use-cases that are chosen to provide a broad cross-section of experimental opportunities for end-users

Through all this EUMarineRobots is making available a huge range of marine robotic and support infrastructure with a capital value of well in-excess of €500M and its associated support personnel.

Previous Calls Applicants


Access will be available to external users through calls for participation

These calls will follow 2 specific themes

TNA Experiments

  • activities proposed by external partners in response to calls offered by the project. The external partner will apply to use the robotic infrastructure made available by a partner or a set of consortium partners.

Integrated Experiments (UseCases)

  • integrated Experiment Use Cases in nominated thematic areas:
    • Cultural Heritage;
    • Security;
    • Oceanography;
    • Ecosystem Mapping;
    • Offshore Energy-Use of Smart ROVs in Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR);
    • Arctic under-ice and ice-margin operations.

Publication of calls

Calls will be published on this site with the following tentative timeline

  • Call 1 by the end of 2018

  • Call 2 by the end of 2019


Selected experiments will have the access cost of the infrastructure covered by the EUMarineRobots plus a budget contribution (up to €1000) for traveling expenses.