2018 EuroGEOSS Request launched on 16 April

The 2018 EuroGEOSS Request has been launched on 16 April!

Tailoring Earth Observation services to Europe's needs:

Coordinate, combine and cooperate

From 16 April until 30 June 2018, public or private organizations involved in developing innovative applications based on Earth Observations (EO) and located in European GEO member countries are invited to come forward with voluntary Expressions of Intent for networking along the value chain.

The 2018 EuroGEOSS Request for Expressions of Intent is a mechanism aiming to accelerate user uptake of GEOSS and Copernicus data and to bring synergies between on-going or upcoming EO developments with high market potential.

The form to submit your Expression of Intent can be accessed via this survey.

Details on the 2018 EuroGEOSS Request are also available from the "News and events" tab on the EUROGEOSS website.

EuroGEOSS is an initiative by the member countries and participating organizations of the European Caucus of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO website)